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Can you remember your very first sexual experience? I can remember mine- I was a teenager, and saw one of the older girls at school light up a cigarette. I was totally captivated by the way her lips embraced it, leaving lip gloss on the end each time she took it out to exhale. She caught me staring at her and laughed, offering me one of my own; I didn't realize it then, but the feeling of having that cigarette between my lips sparked an oral obsession that would only get stronger as I got older and discovered even better ways to use my mouth.

I still love smoking, but now, my favorite thing to do is to take a drag right before I begin a blow job. As that hard cock slides into my mouth, tendrils of smoke curl out along the sides and billow into my face, giving you both the wet, warm sensation of my mouth and the airy, hot feeling of smoke along your balls and the insides of your thighs. Having a guy blow smoke on me turns me on, too, especially when it streams along my pussy lips, tousling my pussy hair.

To say that I have an oral fixation is to put it mildly. Really, anything I can do with my mouth to turn on a guy, I'll do; my talk is filthy but my lips are deliciously sweet. I've already got my fingers running through my cunt hair, thinking about you diving face first into my muff as we eat each other out.

Don't make me wait to get to show you what this mouth can do!
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